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January 30, 2025

In 2015, the Chicken Farmers of Ontario (CFO) accepted our farm into their “Artisinal Chicken” program.  They inspect and audited our facilities yearly.  

Our chikens roam free, raised on a natural diet of plants, and insects from spring to fall, supplemented certified non GMO grain, free of animal by-products, artificial growth agents and antibiotics. 

They live in a well ventilated building, with clean well water, and thick bedding to keep them comfortable and warm.  

We process chickens twice a year, once in July and the second at the beginning of October.

Whole chickens are $4.75 per pound.  

Sizes range from 6 lbs to 9 lbs.   

A $5 deposit per bird is required to secure the order.  

Customers will be notified of time and day of pick up 4-5 days prior to the processing date.

Our Chickens: Event
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